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Hal Leonard

Increased sales and the desire to consolidate multiple warehouses required a new way to look at their business

ISG completed the design build, automation and storage portions of the new 170,000 square foot distribution center. A low noise, high efficiency, 24 Volt, Conveyor System for Order Selection is the centerpiece of Hal Leonard's new, state-of-the-art facility. This conveyor is an on-demand type, that only runs when product is present, which saves thousands of dollars in energy bills. This system combined several operations and warehouses under one roof and integrated many material handling elements such as:
- Pick and Put to Light systems
- Bin Shelving Pick Area (96,000 SKU locations)
- Packing and Manifesting Stations
- Pallet Racking with approximately 13,900 locations
- File Cabinet Storage (20,000 SKU locations)
- Raised Storage Platform designed for 250 PSF
- Weigh in Motion Scale
- Inbound Replenishment Conveyor System

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