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News About Integrated Systems Group

We recently featured in Business View Magazine!

March 30, 2015

Integrated Systems Group: Revolutionary Thinking, Products and Services

Integrated Systems Group understands customer concerns, finds solutions.

The Speedrack Products Group proudly bills itself as nothing less than revolutionary.

The company has been at the forefront of the storage products industry for more than 55 years and is among the industry’s leading suppliers of pallet racking and storage systems, thanks to a commitment to provide material handling systems/equipment that maximize customer use of space and contribute to effective warehouse logistics solutions in ways that ensure safety, productivity and reliability.

Based in the Grand Rapids suburb of Sparta, Mich., Speedrack was first to develop a completely tubular pallet rack, and remains one of few providing seamless tubing for columns, beams, horizontals and diagonal bracing. Few manufacturers offer the style due to production costs and precision requirements, but the approach allows for greater strength per pound of steel and higher resistance to damage than conventional open shape sections – ultimately yielding increased rack safety, longer rack life and lower rack maintenance.

From his decade-plus post as a Speedrack vice president, Tim Bastic leads sales efforts and handles project management for the parent company’s Integrated Systems Group (ISG) division – which is also housed at the company’s Sparta headquarters and designs/builds material handling systems, including conveyors, storage, warehouse management systems and warehouse control systems. Keep reading at Business View Magazine

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